Vision Statement

To be a socially relevant company, respected for high quality standards and innovative products
Socially relevant: Creating products and brands that define the aspirations of Urban India
Respected: Preferred choice of our consumers, recognized as a meaningful workplace by our employees and as a valuable player by our trade partners
High Quality Standards: Adhering to all Safety & Quality regulations in accordance with law of the land Innovative Products: Providing solutions for unmet consumer needs, either through product upgrades or new category creation

Mission statement

We will always provide high quality products & services that are geared towards providing comfort, confidence and good health to our consumers
Purpose: To help our consumers lead fuller lives
Value: Quality above everything
Business: Mother & Child Care, Adult Incontinence, Personal Care & Domestic Appliances, Foods
Customer: From infants to senior citizens, our products span the breadth of consumer lifestyle needs

Overview Our Team