Why Universal?

At Universal, work is driven by passion and purpose. If you are constantly looking for ways to better yourself while keeping the interests of the company in mind, you are just right for us.

Our team of employees comes from a wide range of cultural, geographical and professional backgrounds. To continue building a strong workforce, we are always on the lookout for new talent.

So If you are a professional with proven skills in your field, you can leverage and expand your skills and capabilities while building your career with Universal.

Growing with Universal

At Universal, Learning & Development is a strategic business function contributing significantly to organizational, group and individual effectiveness & growth.

We focus our energies on the following areas:

  • Result Oriented approach
  • Culture of continuous improvement with respect to the rapidly changing environment
  • Leadership development
  • Action oriented Training

If you are looking for a fulfilling career and the scope to learn and grow, then drop us a note. We would love to hear from you.

The Conquering Heroes

In every sense of the word, our Sales people are our Brand Ambassadors. From the kirana stores to the premium supermarket chains and E-commerce giants, the Universal team is known for its diligence, discipline and fair practices. Our team specializes in efficient in-market execution as well as Trade & Shopper Management Initiatives.

Take a look at the Sales Roles that we offer. Do you see something you like? Get in touch…

Digital Sales: Geared to winning the E-Commerce Channel. Manage new and premium accounts with shifting strategies and continuous monitoring of changing shopping trends

Traditional Trade: The backbone of our business. From Metros to Tier 3 cities, if winning the storefront through impactful execution is your forte’, then this is the place for you

Modern Trade: The ABCs of Key Account Management. This is where you create both short term and strategic plans to build categories and also score over competition.

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The Think Tanks

At Universal, Marketers get a chance to create brands from scratch, and not just fill in templates and reports. We urge our Marketers to strive for complete business ownership, and trust them to lead brand businesses.

Our Marketers are a passionate lot, and eager to unleash their consumer insights to create real life business transformation.

Take a look at the Marketing Roles that we offer. Do you see something you like? Get in touch…

Brand Marketing: In line with the Universal credo, you will be involved in creating lasting brand equity, designing brand positioning, and even brand creation. You will get a chance to work in both upstream (category& brand creation, design, sourcing and production) as well as downstream projects (Communication strategy, ATL & BTL campaigns, agency networking)

Digital Marketing: The most vibrant aspect of consumer communication today. Bring your ideas to life working on consumer acquisition,creating brand awareness and preference.

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Creating profitable solutions

Our Finance team works as committed business partners with other functions to create optimal solutions to increase profitability and lower costs. Finance remains our most crucial function, ensuring that there are no roadblocks in our growth story

Take a look at the Finance Roles that we offer. Do you see something you like? Get in touch…

Operational Finance: Working with the sales, marketing and supply chain to ensure both frontline and back end processes are geared for optimal performance

HEAD OFFICE FINANCE: Working at UCLHQ in compliance and auditing

SPECIALIST ROLES: Take on roles in tax, investor relations, treasury and project leadership. Nitin/Nishant to modify this bit as deemed necessary

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Service with a smile

We have a committed, business oriented Supply Chain team, known for moving heaven and earth to make on time deliveries and the best case fill rates in the industry. From warehousing, to procurement to managing timely and undamaged deliveries, our Supply Chain assignments are perhaps the most enriching in terms of competency development.

Take a look at the Supply Chain Roles that we offer. Do you see something you like? Get in touch…

Quality, Manufacturing & Sourcing: Responsible for quality control, product procurement and manufacturing/assembly line operations. Involved in Business sourcing to decide on optimal costing/pricing of products, packaging etc.


Ensuring timely delivery of products, maintaining optimal inventory levels, and ensuring high Case Fill Rates at Customer end.

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Connecting the dots

Our IT team is geared to ensure we leverage technology in data collection, reporting and analysis, ensuring that we remain a step ahead of the competition…always.

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It’s our people that define us

Universal was built by ideas, and those ideas came from people. Our People. It’s not always the business head that comes up with the best solution or the best plan. We believe in empowering our people so that they all feel and act like owners of this company. The manifesto of the HR team is to create such a culture, and identify and groom the leaders of tomorrow that will embody our vision.

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